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Hippocratic Betrayal, 2016, On Abortion © Courtesy Laia Abril & Galerie Les filles du .

Abril wins the prestigious prize for her long term project The History of Misogyny

Laia Abril has been announced as the 14th winner of the Foam Paul Huf Award, a prize given annually to a photographer under the age of 35. The Spanish photographer wins for her long term project The History of Misogyny, from which she submitted Chapter one: On Abortionand Chapter two: On Rape.

Abril was selected out of 95 artists, chosen by 30 international nominators, including British Journal of Photography editorial director Simon Bainbridge. The final jury comprised of Elena Navarro (founder of FOTOMÉXICO), Yasufumi Nakamori (Curator at Tate Modern), Joachim Naudts (curator at FOMU), Jenny Smets (independent curator), and Hans Gremmen (founder of Fw:Books).

Charsity Belt, 2019, On Rape © Courtesy Laia Abril & Galerie Les filles du calvaire.
Coathanger, 2016, On Abortion © Courtesy Laia Abril & Galerie Les filles du calvaire. Abortion rights advocates worldwide have long used the coat hanger as a symbol of the pro-choice movement, and this method is now seeing a resurgence in the United States, where abortion restrictions are increasingly narrow. Note: photographic reconstruction. Laia Abril.

The jury report states: “[Abril’s] perseverance in working on the long term research of her ongoing project… is admirable. The result of her efforts to visualise these difficult subjects needs to be seen by an audience as large as possible.”

The photographer will receive a cash price of €20,000 and a solo exhibition at Foam, Amsterdam. Her work will also be published in the annual Talent issue of Foam Magazine, and will be included in the touring group exhibition, Foam Talent. Past winners of the prize include Eric Gyamfi, Daniel SheaDaisuke Yokota and Pieter Hugo.

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