A photographer’s silent protest for the wrongly-convicted

Reading Time: 3 minutes An encyclopedia entry led Cemre Yeşil Gönenli to a series of photographs of prisoners, commissioned by the 34th sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Her latest book appropriates these images, questioning the power of authority

Suicidal Birds by Sebastian Rogowski

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Travelling the vast plains of Central Asia with no plan nor destination, Sebastian Rogowski learns the truths of different cultures through the kindness of strangers

Juan Orrantia’s vibrant and intimate experience of Johannesburg

Reading Time: 3 minutes
After 12 years of considering the country’s history, representation, and landscape, Orrantia reveals his first body of work made from his adopted home in South Africa: “I decided that what I could say about this place was to do with my own relationship to it”

Elena Cremona’s Postcards from the Past

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Two years since the road-trip that marked the end of her relationship, Cremona revisits the images in which she sought refuge: “The only way to let go was to create something tangible and set it free”

Doors by Yusuke Yamatani: From performance to publication

Reading Time: 4 minutes
Last summer, Yamatani embarked on a European tour of his multi-sensory drum performance, producing 3,563 images over the course of eight 15-minute performances. Now, images from the performances and the journey are compiled in a self-published photobook