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In an open letter to our readers, Marc Hartog, CEO of 1854 Media, publisher of British Journal of Photography, outlines the initiatives we will be introducing to support the global photography community

Dear Friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are well, healthy and safe during this prolonged period of quarantine and social distancing, and have no doubt your inbox, like mine, has been inundated with emails like this – but I wanted to write to you personally with a couple of updates and some reassurance.

We’ve been speaking to photographers in our community located all around the world, and they’re all saying the same thing. Whilst COVID-19 is tough on everyone, photographers are being hit particularly hard. Cancelled jobs, inhibited travel, diminishing income — not to mention a creative itch that, between social distancing and self-isolation, is becoming ever harder to scratch.

British Journal of Photography has been around for 166 years. We’ve seen the photography community through two world wars, the Great Depression, Spanish flu, the 2008 financial crisis, digital disruption and more. And we’re still not going anywhere. Our mission to support and empower photographers has never been more important than now — and together, we’ll get through this too.

In unprecedented times, the team at 1854 Media are stepping up to help you, and we will be announcing some new initiatives to support the global photography community over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we want to arm you with tools that can help you come out of this stronger: not only enhance your practice, but keep you inspired and entertained during the trying times ahead. I am very pleased to announce that, starting now, you can enjoy all 1854 Digital Access membership benefits for the next three months for just £1.

This will give you over seven years of British Journal of Photography’s digital archive. You’ll be granted free entry to all of our awards, with opportunities to get exhibited around the world, published in photobooks and seen by industry leaders.

Please note, we ask you to thoughtfully consider whether you are in a position to pay the full membership, and if you are, that you still do. We ask this so that we can provide more support to those whose livelihoods have taken a serious hit from COVID-19, whilst continuing to pay our staff and delivering for our community.

Click here to access the offer and use the code TOGETHER during checkout. You can use the discount on any digital membership option; if you choose quarterly Digital Access, you will get all the benefits for £1. For existing members who require financial assistance, please complete this short form.

Lastly, we are also sharing free resources, exclusive content and an open channel to connect with your peers around the world in our new Facebook community, The Photographers Network. If you haven’t yet joined, we hope to see you there soon.

In the meantime, please look after yourselves. On behalf of everyone at 1854 Media, we are by your side.

Marc Hartog
1854 Media

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